TOOTH Program

Teaching Oral Optimism Throughout Humboldt

What is TOOTH? TOOTH is an oral health education program under Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA). 

TOOTH's mission is to assure, promote, and protect the oral health of Humboldt County's children by increasing their oral health awareness, knowledge, and personal responsibility by developing positive, life-long oral health behaviors.
Who is TOOTH?  TOOTH is a team of oral health educators focusing on the importance
of preventative care. Those we serve include:

Oral Health Educators are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends to provide important preventative information to the community.
  • Health fairs
  • Elementary schools
  • Playgroups
  • Community events
  • Preschools
  • Parent groups
  • Service providers  
Oral Health Educator/RDA

Oral Health Educator

Invite TOOTH to your parent meetings, community and school events!
We provide free dental supplies for a healthy smile for the whole family!

Call us for more information at 707-269-2076