Dental Activities for Young Children

Teeth Brushing Exercise

This activity is a great way for children to practice the motion of brushing their teeth in little circles. Children don't have the fine motor skills to properly brush their teeth until the are about 8-years-old. Encourage the children to brush for the full two minutes even if their teeth page looks clean.

  • Toothbrush
  • Mouth copy on cardstock
  • Page protector
  • 2-minute song
  • Low odor dry erase pens
  • Music playing device

  1. Print mouth on cardstock and insert into page protector.
  2. Color in the teeth and tongue with the dry erase pens.
  3. Pick a 2 minute song!
  4. Explain the activity to the children.
  5. Hand out the toothbrushes. Remind the children to NOT put the toothbrush in their mouths because they are dirty.
  6. Hand out the dirty teeth.
  7. Play the 2-minute song and start brushing in little circles until the 2 minutes are up!
Click on picture for the link to the mouth page!(link is external)

   Toothbrush Painting

Click on the picture to get the instructions for this toothbrush painting activity and more!

Children will practice brushing in little circles while "cleaning" the tooth with white paint.