Floss Every Day

Flossing. Okay, maybe it’s not a habit for you right now, but it needs to be one!

If you have to put it on your to-do list, it’s not a habit. So instead of having to write it down, do it when you do other things everyday. That makes it a habit. 

Eat breakfast everyday? Floss then! 

Shower everyday? Floss in the shower! 

Go for a run everyday? Floss when you’re done with the run! 

Brush your teeth everyday? Hope so! Floss before you brush (brushing without flossing is like bathing without soap)! 

Jump on Facebook everyday? Floss with Facebook! 

Have dinner every night? Floss after dinner!

Making it a habit means it will happen everyday, and when it happens everyday you’re taking a big step toward dental health. Flossing prevents infection. Flossing prevents bad breath. Flossing improves your oral health, and better oral health improves your overall health.

FLOSSING!  Do it right! 

Tear off a nice long piece of floss so you can wrap it around both middle fingers. Then use your thumbs and index fingers to get the floss between the teeth! Get between AND around each tooth, back to front, top and bottom. That’s it! Not, hard, not torture, not bad. It’s Flossing and it’s ALL GOOD! 

Flossing makes you look better, feel better, smell better and BE better! 

Okay, so why do you not floss again? Forget that. 

Floss and Smile, Humboldt!